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  • Genuine Granite Bollards are carved from the highest integrity building material, and provide protection while enhancing cityscapes, landscapes & entries
  • Beautifully sculpted from a solid granite block at prices competitive with inferior cast products.
  • Low maintenance Granite Bollards are core drilled for easy installation over 4", 6", or 8" steel pipe
  • Double Protection with Granite Bollards Epoxy bonded to steel core.
  • Available in over 40 stone selections and in many finishes.
  • Bollards can be ordered in all custom sizes, and fabricated as lasting fence posts, rail supports, gate posts, or with fittings for chains.
  • Traditionally fabricated as flat, Granite now comes alive in three dimensional Bollard designs.
  • Entry Forms which limit access, Garden Sculpture for ornament, or use as Natural Stone marker or sign by adding; Logos, symbols or emblems.


9" x 12" x 42"
Rectangular Mars Red Granite Bollard with flamed finish.

Core drilled 3.5"D to install over steel pipe.
Mars Red Granite $III.